March 2023

Dear friends, neighbors, and fellow members,

We have just closed our third fiscal year of operations as a 501(c) 3 approved charity and would like to report on our progress and plans going forward.

This past year we have continued to grow our scope of assistance to SGCC staff. We had 22 scholars during the Fall semester. Additionally, we began a program of helping staff with acute hardship needs such as medical emergencies, funeral expenses, and catastrophic events. Seven people have received assistance in this way. The generosity of the members has been wonderful, and we receive many comments about how happy they are to donate to something so worthwhile, yet so close to home. Thank you!

Our Mission

“The Sawgrass Foundation is dedicated to the support of SGCC staff and their families to include educational stipends, crisis relief assistance, and other charitable opportunities to help SGCC employees.”

Our Board

We are seven volunteers who have endeavored to build and operate this Foundation. Please ask any of us about the purpose, plans, and needs. We all believe in our mission and feel it is truly helping some of the wonderful staff who all do so much for us.

Tom Petersen – President
William Palmer – Vice President
Salina Harkleroad – Treasurer
Cathy Wichert – Scholarships
Ann Galanis – Events
Becky Dykstra – Hardship cases
Peter Morgan – New Initiatives

Advisors and past Board members:
John Brantley
Randy Nader
Ed Collins
Ken Schulz

Going Forward

In 2023 we plan to continue to expand our educational support and and hardship assistance to our staff in need. We also help in cases of National Crisis – it could be another Pandemic, or a Hurricane, or some other widespread need. Please continue your support and let us know what you think.

We encourage you all to continue your input of ideas, comments, questions, and support. You are the ones that make this all possible. Thank you

In the appendix to this report, you will find the financial report on how much we raised and how it has been used. Also in the appendix is a list of all our generous donors who have contributed during 2022.

Sawgrass Foundation,Inc.,
Board of Directors

Interesting Statistics

There were 327 unique donors in 2022.

More than 100 donors gave more than once.

Sawgrass member support of the Foundation helped fund tuition for 32 semesters in 2022, double the number of semesters funded in 2021.

The Sawgrass Foundation funded eight hardship cases in 2022.

Financial Overview

Donors up to $500

Mario Andrew Abate
Delores Adams
Mike Adams
Stephen Allen
Clifford Allen
Terri Allison
Richard Anderson
Trish Arnett
David Atteberry
Daniel Avery
Robert Baldoni
Gary Ball
Matthew Barnes
Gretchen Bates
Murray and Elise Beard
Bill Beasley
James Bechtel
Ruffin Beckwith
Greg and Helen Beedy
Dick Beltson
Gretchen Binard
Thomas Bolling
John Brady
Wen Bray
Connie Brennan
Viviane and William Briggs
Steve Bristow
Christian Brooks
Patty Brooks
Richard Brown
Tom Browne
Shirley Budden
Kenneth and Celeste Burns
Fred Butts
Alexander Byrd
Christopher Byrd
John Caden
Stanley Cairns
Pat Callahan
Brian Carmelengo
Dale Carruthers
Dan Cavey
Frank Cervone
John and Kathy Church
Art Clessuras
Andrew Cohen
William Collins
Suzanne Comella
Diane Conover
Paul Corbett
Jim and Roseanne Corrigan
Dan Costello
N Costello
Joseph Cronauer
Susan Cruickshank
Frank Cuteri
Lee D’Agostino
Patricia Damico
Don Daniels
Jessica Davis
Joe Davis
Glenn DeBrueys
Timothy Dee
Stephen DePalma
Charles DePrycker
John DeVries
Glenn Dobrick
Marlene and Rick Domini
James Dowdee
Dwight Duke
Marie-Therese Duryea
William Easterlin
William Edge
Bruce Edwards
John Ekdahl
Roger Elsas
Holger Euringer
Paula Fairley
Alfred Fantuzzi
Fabian Federico
Cindy and Kevin Feeley
Rhonda and Darrin Ferguson
Kurt Feuer
Linda Filer

Carolyn and William Finn
Kim Fleischer
John Foulk
Virginia J. Frailey
Steve and Marie Frankiewicz
Joe Gaetano
Vince and Lisa Morrison Gagliardi
Leigh and John Gallishaw
Harlan Gardiner
Richard Gazlay
Bruce Gillie
Bruce Glassick
Dan Glod
Roland Gomez
Joyce Gray
Anthony Graziosi
Robert Grune
Mark Gummerman
Matt Hanson
Robert Hardman
Michaele and Kevi Harried
James Hart
Stacy Hauseman
Martha Hayes
Walter D. Haynes
Terea Hebert
Al Hedlund
Scott Hendrickson
Cynthia Herberger
Horton Hickerson
Todd Hickey
Barbara and Kevin Hill
Thomas Hodgkins
Jim Hoener
Thomas Holland
Robert Horine
David Houghton
Matt Humphrey
Art Ianucci
Michael Jay
Patricia Jeffery
Walter Jewett
Peter Jinks
Jeff Johnstone
Jon Karnofsky
Nancy Kaufman
Vincent Kellaher
Vivian Kellermann
Lawrence Kelly
Mary Kempski
Richard Ketler
Leedom Kettell
Robin Kettlewell
Finch Klein
Keegan Knarr
William Knipper
Mark and Judy Kontny
Adam Krestalude
Ronald Krogh
Lucille Kyle
Chuck LaBelle
Robert Labenski
Mary Lahey
Helaine and Jerry Lazarus
Jerome Lindberg
Alan Lockett
Robert Long
Abe Lopman
Doug Lytle
Barbara Maple
Bill and Nancy Marshall
John Mason
John Mauriello
David and Madeleine Maxwell
James May
William Maywood
Mark McCormick
Debra McDermott
John McEntee
Scott McGuire
Jonathon Mclaughlin
Matthew McLaughlin
Ted McNaught
Morgan McNeel
Tom Menker
Roger Mentz

Chad Merkel
Douglas Miller
Zachary Miller
Fran Mirmina
Danny Montgomery
Anne and Peter Morgan
Curtis and Linda Kay Mracek
Pamela Murray
David Nangle
Robert Nickerson
Michael O’Malley
Chad Oliva
Scott Owen
William Palmer
Chuck Peterson
Quang Pham
Irene Phelps
Sarah and Scot Phillips
Ryan Player
Luis Pontigo
Alex Potenza
Gregory Powell
Richard Rapp
John Reed
Richard Robyn
Paul Rose
Murray Ruffell
Peter Rutski
M Ryan
Henry Scanlon
James Scherer
Kristen Schupak
Lynne Scielzo
Richard Setian
Bob and Taf Sherrill
Halcyon Skinner
Shirley Sleeker
Martine Slemp
Charles Smith
Arnold and Mart Smith
Lee Smith
Jeffrey Sole
David Steinhoff
Allen Stevens
Ginny Stott
Samuel Strain
Paul and Reagan Roberts Strasser
Jack Sullivan
David and Luc Szklinski
David Talarico
David Tarbell
Kimberley Taylor
Sue Taylor
Brad Tepper
Matt Terek
Meredith Thacker
Tyler Toby
Tom and Pam Tomlin
Alby and Kathleen Toto
Tina Townsend
Joe Tucker
Doreen and Charles Tyburski
Fred Vanderbilt
Marinius Vanooyen
Joe and Ora Vella
David Vigil
James Wadley
John Wagener
Jon Walker
John Wallner
Kurt Wanner
Craig Wantoch
Michael Ward
Robert Weatherly
Melissa Weaver
Charles Weed
Ping Wentworth
M White
Michael Wicks
Hugh and Debbie Williams
S. Bruce Wilson
Joshua Winstead
Matthew Wolfersberger
Anthony Wuebben
Stephen Wyand
Dan Yadon
Paul Young
Nicholas Zagaria
Richard Zborowski
David Zuchowski

Donors at $501 – $1000

Tom and Karen Aaro
Mark and Isabelle Alexander
Chris Burden
Glenn and Liz DeBlock
Drew Devine
Robert and Jane Edelman
Terence Goodall
John Griffey
Thomas and Martha Hogan

Chris and Jeff Hunt
Ellen Knapp
David Lea
Bob and Janice Machin
Suzanne Maltz
John Murphy
Jim Perks
Wil Reitsma
Bruce and Lois Schwinger

Fred Seely
Helen Short
David Smith
Michael Spector
Sal Vespa
Paul T. and Susan Walker
Camilla Wodehouse
James Yoakum

Donors at $1000 and over

James Babcock
Deborah and Anthoy Castor
Lynn and Dick Dickinson
William Dowd
Joseph and Susan Downes
Paul S. Ferber
Peter and Ann Galanis
Karla Gillette
Tom and Salina Harkleroad
Diane D. , PhD Jacobsen
Martin Janowiecki
Robert D Kearney

Jack Kinsella
Patricia and Michael Koizim
Marc Koutoufaris
Bill and Barbara Maletz
Mark and Sylvia McCall
Susan M. J Merrill
John and Cat Militante
Byron and Joyce Miller
Marion Minton
Barbara and Thom Mulcahy
Randy Nader
Ruben D. Nava

Bob Paladino
Tom and Lis Petersen
Diane and Richard Price
Stan Roman
Andrew and Grace Park Ruotolo
Fritz and Helen Skeen
Nancy and Duncan Wall
Cindy and John Walls
Cathy A. Wichert
Joel Williamson
Carol Zoeller
William and Beaumont Palmer