The Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications. The scholarships awarded at Sawgrass Country Club are financial grants to eligible employees and their dependents, funded by member donations to the Sawgrass Foundation, Inc.

All scholarship awards will be selected by the Scholarship Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Sawgrass Foundation and not part of the Club management. The Scholarship Committee will make final decisions on applications based on eligibility, the reasonability of employee education plans, and money available.

After each semester or school period, a transcript or statement from the school about successful completion is required. All applicants will need to submit a new application each semester and submit a new invoice when it is received.

General Scholarship Amount

Scholarships will be given to cover tuition, books and school fees on a semester basis, up to $2,500 maximum per semester and $5,000 annually. The Foundation will normally pay the school directly, but each case will be decided as needed.


  • Be an active employee in good standing, or a dependent of an active employee in good standing.
  • Employees requesting scholarships for themselves or their dependents must have been employed by Sawgrass Country Club for at least six months and have worked 250 hours.
  • Applicant normally will have been accepted without probation or condition by an accredited program. Ongoing scholarship is dependent upon successful completion of the previous semester/course in good standing.
  • Applicants must submit a completed application.

Applications for scholarships will be submitted to the Sawgrass Foundation, Inc website for consideration at least 6 weeks prior to school start. The committee will approve an application within 3 weeks of submission. Once the scholarship is approved, the recipient will be asked to submit a scholarship check request form.

Use of Scholarship Funds

Scholarships may be used for tuition, books, fees and similar expenses. Items such as meals, lodging, transportation, dropped courses and others will not be eligible for payments.