Welcome to the Sawgrass Foundation scholarship site. We want to be sure that you are aware that our Foundation is designed to be able to provide scholarships to SGCC staff or members of their direct families, for those wishing to improve themselves through education. See the PROGRAM OVERVIEW section for more information.

Scholarships are the first of two primary purposes for our Foundation. It is a way to assist the staff to do things they may otherwise not be able to afford or find the motivation to pursue. We can do so tax-free to the staff/student and tax-deductible to the donor as well. We believe that assisting staff to better themselves or their families, through schooling, will make them better employees, more loyal and motivated, and help establish SGCC as the employer of choice in our area. Whether the staff person grows and eventually moves to a better job somewhere else, or moves up the organization at SGCC, we feel it is creating better people and a very positive environment.

If you are a Member or other potential donor who wants to help, move on to our Foundation DONOR section, or go directly to the DONATE bar at the top of the page. Everything we do as a Foundation is possible only through the generosity of our donors.

As a member, you also have the opportunity for you to become a mentor for staff asking for guidance in their programs. If interested go to the MENTOR section. Thank you in advance for what you do to make us successful.

If you are a staff person looking into schooling, move on to our STAFF section. Most of your questions can be answered there, and the application process starts in the APPLICATION section.

If you are a manager with a desire to help some of your employees expand their education, go to the MANAGER section.

Questions? Contact us. We will answer your inquiries as quickly as possible.

— The Sawgrass Foundation scholarship committee