How do I apply?

Provided that you are eligible to receive scholarship funds, you may submit an online application to be considered for scholarship aid by March 31 annually.

Which institutions or schools are qualified?

Study must be at learning Institutions qualified by the IRS. (Typically institutions that offer student loans.) A list of these Institutions can be found at the Department of Education website These include colleges, trade schools, schools for personal development, language schools, etc.

What items are eligible for payments?

Eligible items are defined by IRS rules and include:

  • Tuition, fees
  • May be for any form of instruction or training at a qualified institution that improves or develops your capabilities. Payments do not have to be for work-related courses or courses that are part of a degree program.

What cannot be paid for?

Ineligible items, per IRS rules, include:

  • Meals, lodging, transportation or tools or supplies (other than textbooks) that you can continue to use after training.
  • Courses involving sports, games, or hobbies unless they have a reasonable relationship to the business of Sawgrass Country Club or are required as part of a degree program.
  • Expenses paid for by another source (e.g., loans or other scholarships.)
  • Dropped Courses – The student must reimburse the Sawgrass Foundation, Inc, for any payments made for courses that the student drops. If you don’t do this, you may not be eligible for scholarships in the future.

How do my education costs get paid?

Required documentation:

    • Scholarship Check Request form for newly approved Scholarship recipients. The Application for Continuation of Scholarship form will be used for subsequent semesters/terms.
    • An account statement from the institution showing the amount and purpose of the charges and all sources of payment for the total on the invoice.
    • Payments will be made directly to the teaching institution.
    • Invoice from the teaching institution must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the due date.

Requirements after School has begun

  • After each semester or school period, a transcript or statement from the school about successful completion is required.
  • Ongoing, scholarship recipients will submit the application for continued scholarship each semester/term that will include previous semester transcript and tuition charges for the upcoming semester/term.

How will employee issues be addressed?

Any issues related to this policy will be reviewed and resolved by the Sawgrass Foundation, Inc, Scholarship Committee. If you have any questions, please contact us.