Welcome to the Sawgrass Foundation scholarship site. As a Mentor or potential Mentor you are surely aware that our Foundation is designed to be able to provide scholarships to Staff or members of their direct families for those wishing to improve themselves through education.

As a Mentor you are a volunteer that will help the Foundation, and the individual staff to successfully plan and achieve an education program for their future.

Many, if not most, people have a dream of improving themselves with new knowledge, new skills, or even higher degrees that can improve their position within their chosen field, or even open new doors to a different life that requires a higher educational level. As Mentors, helping the staff to achieve their goals is part of the way we motivate and retain our employees.

Individual staff or perhaps managers will inform the Foundation when they feel that a Mentor would be helpful. If you are on our list of volunteers we will match you with a staff person who needs coaching, advice, inspiration, and guidance.

If you have any desire to volunteer as a mentor, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Thanks again. Together we can make SGCC a really exceptional place to work.

How does it work?

  1. Volunteer to be a Mentor – a Foundation Board member will discuss the role with you, find out any special skills or contacts you may have, and register you on our Mentor list.
  2. When a staff person/student asks for a mentor, the scholarship committee will talk with the individual and find a mentor that fits well with the student.
  3. The Mentor will then be responsible to contact the individual and find out how to help – discuss plans, complete applications, think through finances, make contacts, etc. Some students will need more help than others.
  4. Once the staff student has been accepted and started their course, the Mentor can keep in touch and add encouragement as needed.
  5. Periodic reports to the Foundation Scholarship committee will be expected.