We want to be sure that you are aware that our Foundation is designed to be able to provide crisis/hardship relief and scholarships to Staff or members of their direct families for those wishing to improve themselves through education.

People such as you make this all possible through your generosity and concern for our wonderful staff. Thank you and please consider future donations so that we can fulfill our purpose for many years ahead.

There are many ways to donate. Click on the headline tab DONATE and find various ways to make a direct donation at a time that fits your charity plan.

In some cases a donor wishes to contribute through their DAF (donor advised fund), investment fund, pension account, foundation, or other investment accounts. In these cases click here: DONATIONS FROM FUNDS to get further information.

We are also very pleased to accept memorial and legacy gifts in the names of loved ones or cherished friends, or as a contribution from your estate.  Please see the MEMORIAL DONATION SECTION or LEGACY DONATION SECTION for more information.

We will periodically update everyone on our success. We aspire to have 10 or more staff receiving scholarship aid at any one time. With your help we can do this.

We ask you as Club members that interact constantly with our employees, to encourage staff to look at this website or to contact HR or one of us at the Foundation. We all want our staff to be safe, happy and achieve their goals, and we want them to be attracted to working at our Club.

We are also sponsoring a Mentor program where volunteers make themselves available to mentor staff who need help thinking through their education plans or in navigating the school applications and the scholarship paperwork. Are you interested in volunteering to be a mentor? It would be a terrific way to give back in a way other than donating money. Donating time works too. Look at the MENTOR section to understand more.

There is more information in the PROGRAM OVERVIEW section about eligibility, timing, approvals, limitations, and requirements upon completion of the course.

Questions – you can CONTACT US and we will respond straightaway.

Thanks again. Together we can make SGCC a really exceptional place to be.