Dear Staff Member,

Welcome to The Sawgrass Foundation website. The Foundation is a charity run by members, not the Club management, and supported solely from donations by members. We appreciate what you and the rest of the staff do to serve and support our club.

The Foundation’s mission is dedicated to support and assist SGCC staff to include educational stipends, crisis/hardship relief, and other charitable opportunities. We are here for you.

Crisis/Hardship Assistance

In cases of acute need where assistance is not available from club programs or insurance, we may be able to assist with short-term needs to bridge you through hardship instances. Please contact HR who will guide you to support from various sources, including The Sawgrass Foundation.


The Foundation is designed to be able to provide scholarship support up to $5000 annually to you, or any direct family member, in support of your educational efforts.

Please review the Employee Scholarship Program Overview Link.

You may already be taking classes and have an educational plan or may be interested in education to support your career aspirations. Talk to your manager about your development plans or ask us to help you find a Mentor that can be a discussion partner with you. You can complete a Mentor request here.

To request financial help from the Foundation, complete the Scholarship Application. The timing will be important to get this to our Scholarship Committee a month or two before the schooling begins so we can approve it and pay the school the money we are providing on your behalf.

Good Luck. We hope you are interested.