July 3, 2020

Fellow Members of Sawgrass Country Club – Happy Independence Day!!

A resounding thank you to the more than 250 members who, in the short 2 and ½ months of our existence, have opened their hearts and their purses to our charity, donating over $70,000 and more still coming in. The Sawgrass Foundation was founded to assist our Sawgrass CC staff with funds for educational scholarships and with direct assistance in times of national crisis.

Over the last five weeks we have provided financial stipends during this Covid-19 crisis to those staff with the greatest needs. Many hourly staff were greatly reduced in hours and in gratuities, which is often a major part of their income. We provided one round of stipends in late-May and another in mid-June. 83 hourly staff primarily in F&B, Fitness, Tennis, and Golf received stipends totaling approximately $66,000. They have been both surprised and very, very pleased with being employed by a Club that is so thoughtful and supportive.

As time goes forward we will focus on scholarships, and already have three employees in the pipeline. We will also be prepared in the case of another national crisis, perhaps from a hurricane or a new pandemic flare up. Your generosity will be the key to being ready.

Please donate if you haven’t yet done so, or donate again when your situation allows it. Please visit our website, www.sawgrassfoundation.org.

— Sawgrass Foundation, Inc.