April 27, 2020

Dear Sawgrass Colleagues

When asked about the Sawgrass Experience and what makes this place special to each of us, we often envision the beach, the facilities and the opportunities to enjoy life. But the consistent answer we receive is the staff and the way they take care of us, making us feel not only special, but a part of something we are truly privileged to be part of.

There are continuous questions concerning how we can further reward these staff and show them our deep appreciation. As part of recent years experience in Committees and on the Club Board, a group of us has been inspired to start a Foundation to assist our terrific employees with their aspirations, their travails, and their desire to improve themselves. The Sawgrass Foundation has been established towards this end.

The mission:

“The Sawgrass Foundation is dedicated to the support of SGCC staff and their families to include educational stipends, crisis relief assistance, and other charitable opportunities to help our employees.”

We aspire to raise funds through deductible contributions from each of you, through possible Memorials honoring deceased or ailing members, or through contributions from vendors, relatives, or other persons wishing to support Sawgrass employees. We ask that you consider a donation now or anytime as a gesture of thanks to our wonderful staff.

You may notice that we are also focusing on relief to needy staff in times of crisis, typified by our present national lockdown. This has spurred the timing of this announcement and request for donations so that we can begin by finding and helping those staff truly impacted by this crisis situation.

This is a new endeavor for all of us, so please write or call any of us in the Foundation organization with your questions and suggestions, or submit them to questions@sawgrassfoundation.org. Please consider a donation now. We will ensure that a thank you and an IRS acknowledgement letter are returned to you right away. We will continue to communicate the success of this project in the coming weeks and months. We hope we can find some small ways to help the wonderful individuals who make up our staff.


The Sawgrass Foundation Board of Directors