28 April 2021

Dear Friends and Fellow Members,

One year ago, we started the Sawgrass Foundation to help the Staff, first with relief stipends during the National Covid Crisis, and now with scholarships for education. Your generosity has allowed us to distribute over $88,000 in assistance. Over 400 SGCC members have contributed thus far.

We have 10 approved scholars at present and should have a total of 13 for the Fall semester. We expect more to apply as the program expands. Thank you for your generosity, which makes all this possible.

As our one-year anniversary passes, we want to ask for your continued support so we can continue this program. Please consider the Sawgrass Foundation as one of your favored charities (tax deductible) when you plan your giving in the months ahead. For details on our organization and to make a donation, please go to www.sawgrassfoundation.org.

“I feel very lucky that Sawgrass is my employer.”

“I just wanted to say a very heart felt ‘Thank You!’ Your generosity at this difficult time doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a pleasure working with and for all of you.”

“Words alone cannot express how grateful my wife and I are for your generous donation. It helped us in ways you can’t imagine. I am truly blessed to work here and to be surrounded by such amazing people who look out for others.”

Thank you and kind regards,

Sawgrass Foundation, Inc.

Tom Petersen
Cathy Wichert
William Palmer
Ann Galanis
Sam Harkleroad
Ken Schulz