Dear Sawgrass Friends,

Wonderful fall weather has arrived, and hopefully no more storms. It is a great time to enjoy our Club and the superb service we receive from our staff. As you know, our Foundation has been created to support these staff with educational scholarships. It also assists the staff in times of crisis and hardship. You will remember the aid we provided during the first year of COVID where hours were curtailed, and it was tough to make ends meet.

You should know that this summer we began direct assistance to cases of hardship. We have already assisted with medical expenses in several cases where insurance limits have been exceeded. For example, we assisted Mason, a kitchen employee with medical issues, by paying for special orthotics that were not covered by insurance and were prohibitively expensive, thus allowing him to continue working. We expect this program to grow significantly. The gratitude from the staff is overwhelming.



Sage Bologna, Current Scholar



Mason Robb

21 Winter Semester Scholars • 4 New Hardship Cases

The Foundation is local, right here where you live and play, and is supported only through your generosity and thoughtfulness. We are a 501(c)3 tax deductible charity with no overhead. As you consider your year-end charitable giving and would like to donate, please use the QR code below or go directly to our website You can also see our annual report on the website.

If anyone has questions, please contact any of us on the Board of Directors.

Thanks again,

Sawgrass Foundation, Inc.
Tom Petersen, President
William Palmer, Vice President
Sam Harkleroad, Treasurer
Cathy Wichert, Director
Ken Schulz, Director
Ann Galanis, Director
Becky Dykstra, Director
Peter Morgan, Director