September 20, 2023

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and fellow Sawgrass Members,

With the summer ending and folks coming back into the full use of their Club, we wanted to provide you with an update on the continuing success of the Sawgrass Foundation and our critical needs for the year ahead.

We are now into our Fourth year of support to Sawgrass staff and their families through educational scholarships and acute hardship assistance. Your generous donations and enthusiastic support have been instrumental in making a real difference to our wonderful staff. The first year, 2020, we had only 6 scholarships in the Fall semester. This year, 2023, we had 25 scholars in the Spring and expect to have over 30 scholars this Fall. Indications are that 2024 will show even more growth. The success is also felt in comments from staff in all departments, where they can see that the Club and the members really care about them and are willing to help them in their lives. Ask the staff you interact with and see what we mean.

Of course, with this success comes the need to ask for your help to meet our year-end goal of $125,000. Each of the last two years we have raised approximately $100,000 through your generosity. This year we will need more to meet the scholarship expenses for the 55 to 60 total semesters we are supporting. Next year we expect the needs to exceed $150,000. Please help us with whatever you can see fit to donate. Last year there were 325 members who donated – Thank You. If we can convince more of our 1475 members to help, we can meet our goal easily. All funds go directly to our mission – we are all volunteers and expenses are less than 1%. Please join us and see the impact you are making every day.

You can donate through our website or contact any of us directly. Thank you in advance.


Sawgrass Foundation, Inc.
Tom Petersen
John Brantley
Becky Dykstra
Ann Galanis
Sam Harkleroad
Ana Leaird
Peter Morgan
Cathy Wichert
Lynnette Wuebben