Fellow Sawgrass Members

Happy Independence Day. We hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend! The year is half over, and we are, more or less, out of the pandemic doldrums. And the Foundation is now in the second year of operations – helping our staff achieve their academic dreams.

We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the progress of our Sawgrass Foundation. We have 9 scholars ready for the upcoming semester and several more looking at schools for the year end. We have distributed about $16,000 in scholarships this Spring and helped with about the same number last Fall/Winter. We expect this number to grow slowly as more staff realize the benefit available. Last year, we also distributed $65,000 in crisis relief to staff impacted by the Corona pandemic.

The management at Sawgrass CC has been amazed and eternally thankful to our fabulous membership and their endless generosity. It has been an important argument for them in seeking new staff for our expanded facilities, especially in these times of labor tightness and scarcity of people wanting to work in the hospitality industry. We are doing well, and this educational benefit is a big plus.

A special thank you to all the golfers who generously contributed over $8,000 to our cause at the Greenkeeper’s Revenge tournament on July 4th. We encourage other members to also contribute at this half-year mark so we can ensure we have funds on hand for future staff assistance. They are so good to us – now we should be good with them.

Please keep up your contributions. It is going to a very good cause. Please visit our website at www.sawgrassfoundation.org.

Sawgrass Foundation, Inc.

Tom Petersen
William Palmer
Sam Harkleroad
Ann Galanis
Cathy Wichert
Ken Schulz
Becky Dykstra