July 29, 2020

Dear Sawgrass Colleagues,

It is now exactly 3 months since we launched the Sawgrass Foundation. In that short time, your generosity has allowed us to distribute approximately $66,000 in cash assistance to 83 different employees during the Coronavirus National Emergency. Thank you.

We are now embarking on a program of scholarships for staff or members of their families to help them grow and achieve their goals in life. Many staff have directly expressed their awe and deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness and support, both for the crisis aid and for the educational stipend opportunities. They are tremendously thankful to work at a place with so much care for its employees.

Once again, we need your help to be able to provide this assistance to our hard-working staff. We are offering up to $2500 per semester to all kinds of educational degrees from college to trade school to skills advancement. Their manager must confirm their good standing and the course must be on the IRS approved list of accredited programs to receive a tax-deductible stipend from our organization. The recipients will continue to work, at least part time, during their education.

We already have 7 employees with applications in process. We expect more in the Fall. Please help us have enough funds to make this happen. We encourage you to be part of the growing family of Foundation supporters. We ask you to do what you can to make SGCC a truly great place to work.

We will share the success of each scholar in future updates.

Questions or to Donate, please click here.

Thank You and Best Wishes,

Sawgrass Foundation, Inc.
Tom Petersen
Cathy Wichert
Ken Schulz
William Palmer
Randy Nader
Ed Collins
Sam Harkleroad