June 3, 2022

Dear Sawgrass friends,

Summer is upon us. With restrictions no longer tying us home, many are traveling or considering it. Please be safe and enjoy the many blessings of our wonderful lifestyle. While still here in Ponte Vedra, our club is such a great place to relax, stay fit, socialize, have a wonderful meal, or engage in your favorite activities. Our staff is here to help you enjoy it all. So please keep them and our Sawgrass Foundation in mind when you think about charitable gifts. Our scholarships to the staff are a very positively received benefit. We are planning to support 15 employees, or their immediate dependents in the autumn semester. Thank you for your generosity allowing this to happen.

This includes:

  • 3 scholars studying Nursing
  • 3 studying Finance or Business
  • 3 studying for Science degrees (Psychology, Horticulture, Biology)
  • 3 scholars in Communications, IT, or Graphic Arts
  • 3 studying Liberal Arts Disciplines

These are some very impressive young people, making our efforts all the more pleasing.

We have had some very successful fundraising events in the past few months. This includes the golf Member-Member events (men and women) where we had over $10,000 in donations – thank you. There is another opportunity at the Greenkeeper’s Revenge golf event on July 4th, and we hope to have other activities in the fall where you can have fun while donating to a good cause that is very close to home.

If you would like to donate, please do so here. You can also see our annual report on the website.

If anyone has questions, please contact any of us on the Board of Directors. If you would like to help out, give us a call or go to the mentor section of the website. We are looking for someone with Graphic Arts skills to join our Advisory Board and to help us design some materials about the Sawgrass Foundation that can be seen by the membership. Let us know if you are interested.

Thanks again,

Sawgrass Foundation, Inc.